Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chase Alan - 2 Months

You are now 2 months old!  The time has flown by for me and I have loved learning your behaviors and what makes you tick.  I still don't always know, but we'll get there! :)

You have become a belly sleeper over the past month.  This makes me slightly nervous, but you sleep sound like this.  I also take comfort because you have such strong neck muscles already.  You have also transitioned from my bed to your bassinet now.  I had developed a comfort level with having you close (in my arms), so I'm still getting use to this.

For the most part you are only waking up 1x a night to eat and then again around 8:00 AM or so.  You have a period then where you like to just lay and talk to us while you kick and squirm all around.  You have 4 pretty good naps throughout the day, but at this stage you still mostly nap/eat/nap/eat/nap/eat... you get the picture!

This month we have noticed you are a creature of habit and get a bit out of sorts when your schedule isn't normal.  I guess you have adjusted to just me and you at home most days so a lot of activity or choas around you seems to overwhelm you a bit (or a lot, actually).  I'm sure our new schedule will help some with that and you will adjust soon!

We took our first trip out-of-state this month.  It was just a day trip to Ohio and you did so good!

We have your 2 month doctor's appointment on August 9th so I am excited to see how much you have grown.  I'm guessing you are close to 11 pds now.  You have little rolls on your thighs and arms...and those cheeks get fuller each week! :)  We love chubby babies around here and are having so much fun seeing how much you have changed over the past 2 months.

You are a people watcher like your Momma.  You love to look around and take in your surroundings!  You love your soft blankets and enjoy them around your face when you are real sleepy.  You enjoy eating and gulp it down so quickly you sometimes get choked up!

You are already starting to develop a little attitude...you get SO upset if we don't get your bottles quick enough and you still fight sleep if you get overly tired.  Sometimes you will just scream out when you are upset during these times and we have tried to start using the word "no" so you get use to it and understand we cannot act nasty :)  Bless your heart, I know it is your only way to communicate right now.  I just wish I could read your mind so I would know how to react better!  Again, we're learning!

I'm laying here in bed watching you sleep right now...feeling so thankful that God gave you to us to love and train.  We love you so much baby Chase!

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