Friday, May 17, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

38 Weeks

Our sweet Chase should be 19+ inches long and 6+ pounds by now.  Basically, he is ready for life outside of the womb...and I'm ready for that as well!  

I look back over some of my previous post and think, "girl, you had no idea you would feel this anxious, excited, sore and miserable yet!"  I'm told the last 2 weeks are a killer and seem to drag on and on.  So that's where I the stage that never ends.  

To add to my complaining state, I came down with a sinus infection or some sort of cold this week.  I have a barking cough, stopped up head and just generally feel miserable.  The doc says at this stage it can take my body longer to fight it off...yippee!

My weight gain is back down to 27 pds... I seem to be gaining a pound, losing a pound every week when I go in lately.  I don't have much of an appetite and am craving cold foods or drinks more than anything.

I'm waddling...bad!  I was 1 cm dilated on 5-16 so we'll see if that progresses into anything more labor intensive anytime soon.  I feel like my face is really starting to fill could just be this sinus thing and all of the pressure I am feeling though.  All other signs seem to point to the beginning signs of labor, so we will hang on for the next 2 weeks and see how this ride ends!  Every time I come into work or go into a store, I just think, "I really hope my water doesn't break while I'm in here!" :)  Or maybe our little guy just wants me to have an exciting story to tell...we'll see!

Best part of my week...on Mother's Day my husband got me the sweetest card.  I can't wait to see him as a Daddy :)

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Kelly said...

Aw, bless your heart! I remember feeling SO ready for my little girl (my first babe) to come. She ended up being 4 days "late" and those 4 days were the longest of my life. With my second and third babies, I was so much more relaxed about when they came and they were 5 and 6 days late. Ha. I hope your little guy will do you a favor and make his appearance early, but I pray you can get over your sinus junk before going into labor. That would be miserable to be sick and having a baby :-/ Hang in there, sweet mama! :)