Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks

35 weeks!

I'm officially ready for this to end.  I mean, I've loved being pregnant and honestly had such a great pregnancy, but now I'm done.  Apparently these are very normal feelings for this stage, but that still didn't give me any consolation when I completely lost it in front of my doctor yesterday.  Yeah, like boohoo crying!  It wasn't pretty and this doctor wasn't my usual one so I'm pretty sure she wrote "nutcase" on my file.  I'm up to weekly visits now so I'm going to try to hold it together next week! :)

Over the past week I've started cramping and feeling nauseated.  I feel this more so when I'm exhausted.  They will start checking me next week so we'll see if these symptoms mean anything or if they are just good 'ole pregnancy feelings.

Weight gain is coming along nicely again...up to 27 pds gained.  I thank this solely to Entenmann's chocolate covered donuts over the past few weeks!  Chase should be over 18 in. long and approx. 5 1/4 pds now!

I'm having a hard time concentrating (on anything) and feel completely wiped out 75% of the time right now.  Nathan has been out-of-town this week so I'm crashing hard at night - right in the middle of the bed, taking up as much space as I please!  

I'm ready to have my wardrobe back.  I did a little retail therapy after my breakdown last night and found some items that will be versatile for this summer as well.  I can wear some non-maternity items, but honestly, I just look like I'm bulging in everything right now!

Still only experiencing slight swelling.

I don't have too much of an appetite these days - apparently no where to store that food!  

Chase is still pretty active in there.  His movements hurt at times and make my belly sore, but I still enjoy seeing and feeling him move around.

We are done with childbirth classes.  Don't tell Nathan this (because he insisted they were ridiculous to attend) but I don't know if I really learned anything new from them.  I wanted to go for my peace of mind more than anything, but my brain is so fried right now I'm not sure I retained anything useful.  We'll see...

I did the hospital tour this week.  Oh my!  They have recently renovated the maternity unit and everything is so spacious and nice... made me even more excited for this to happen!

Next week we have a work baby shower, dr appt and pre-registration appt.  My boss is probably starting to wonder if I've gone part-time or something.  So much to keep up with here at the end!  Cannot wait...


Jennifer Grissom said...

Don't fret about not remembering anything. Your "Mommy instinct" will kick in and you'll do fine. Nothing else, call your mama! :)

Megan Crawford said...

I told someone else this same thing, but I feel like getting uncomfortable & to the point where you are just ready for the baby to be here is part of the process in getting your mind ready for labor! It may be a little scary to think about but when you just want him here & pregnancy to end, it makes it so much easier to going into it! Hope these last few weeks go by quickly =)