Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicago - Sept Work Conference

After day 1 at our conference, we decided we were going to take the L downtown and enjoy the beautiful evening.  Believe it or not I had never been downtown Chicago before, on the L or in a taxi!  It was a night of new things for this girl. 
We had delicious pizza...which I ate WAY to much of and warmed up with a hot chocolate from Hersheys!
We did a ton of walking...and darting in and out of traffic
 I did notice that my boss conveniently got us to the shopping district as mostly everything was closing up.  He's sly that one! :)

...until next time!


Angela said...

A trip to Chicago wouldn't be complete without Giordano's! =)

Emily said...

Love that cute skirt. Chicago is the next place on my travel list!

Jennifer Mims said...

Love !!!