Friday, September 28, 2012


This past Summer and even now going into Fall I have been obsessed with Costco's chicken salad.  Cutting up some fresh fruit or veggies with it is even better in my opinion.  I like to eat several small meals a day and this kind of meal is perfect for me.
 So after having healthy meals for awhile I made chicken parmesan with green bean bundles for dinner the other night...this does not - in any way - constitute as a healthy meal.  The green bean bundles are SO GOOD was worth every unhealthy bite! :) 
What sounds good to you going into this Fall season?
I'm in need of some quick meal ideas.  You find them all the time online, but what do YOU think actually taste good lately?  Let me know!


Jenni said...

I am so into soups right now...I've made potato soup and beef stew in the past few weeks. Also loving tossing a pot roast into the crock pot and cooking on low for 8 hours to make shredded taco good!

Charity said...

Recipe for these green bean bundles?! =)

Meg said...

I love Sam's Club chicken salad and of COURSE their croissants! Your last meal pic looks yummy!

jaymie williams said...
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jaymie williams said...

Look at those foods. It's simply delicious and I wish I had one of those. And I'm sure I can finished all of that in just one bite. LOL. Thanks for posting.

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