Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Number Ten

Our 10th wedding anniversary was last week.  I needed the down time to relax and recharge so we took advantage of the holiday weekend to get out of town.  On Friday afternoon we headed over to Cincinnati and had dinner at Terry's Turf Club with some friends.  Fun atmosphere...extremely greasy burgers!
On Saturday we went to Lexington and enjoyed the scenery of the old homes and beautiful horse parks.  Our friends recommended Ramsey's and we were so glad we went there.  Yummy food and let me just mention the delicious apple pie! :) Yum!

 Sunday was low key and hanging out in Cincinnati.  Our tradition is to go to Riverfest every year and watch the awesome fireworks show, BUT this year it was raining so hard and we were kind of tired so we just stayed in and watched them on TV.  The view was much better, but we did miss the experience of being downtown (Nathan's comment:  minus the traffic and rude people).
The end of my wonderful weekend.


Jen Alexander said...

Looks like you had a really nice anniversary weekend! Happy 10th Anniversary and may you have many more blessed and happily married years in your future! We love you all!

Jenni said...

Happy Anniversary to you! Looks like it was a great one! Hope you enjoyed your break. Just read your previous post...hoping everything is ok!!

Constance said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend. Happy anniversary

becoming teacher misty said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. :)