Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eye Candy

Am I extremely pathetic that I feel like I need to photograph when my house is this picked up?! :)  I'm standing in the kitchen to take this picture and I love how open the floor plan is.  I just love my little home and feel so grateful every time we are able to get something else finished with the project.
Saturday I worked on this little art project.  I had a print out of this scripture verse and wanted to put it on a canvas covered with burlap.  I simply hot glued the items together and have it leaning on my kitchen counter.  Oh, and I have real pears on my counter thanks to our tree finally producing some fruit.

When I was in Cincinnati over Labor Day weekend, I fell in love with my friend's coffee table.  I just love the way she decorates and always enjoy looking at the updates throughout her home.  Greatest thing is, she does it on a dime.  She had this glass top coffee table, but saw something she thought her husband could build.  That he did...I just love the finished product!  It looks great with the other pieces in her living room!


Unpretentious Teacher said...

Love your new design! Looking crisp and clean! Your house is so beautiful. I bet you love coming home. :)

Danessa Riggs said...

You have lovely, beautiful home. It looks so cozy and inviting :-)

Jenni said...

What a cute, cozy home you have! I love it! You've done such a great job with it!

Brittany-Trends250 said...

the layout is perfect. I think your house looks so cute & clean! now you need to come to mine.. it needs your touch! (and cleaning abilities...hah)