Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Moments

We had such a nice visit with my brother & his family last week.  They were only here Thursday night and Friday and then had to head back home Friday night.  They were my first house guests though so I had fun preparing for them to come stay with us!

Nathan & Kent relaxing before we headed out for family Christmas

We tried to get some family photos together Friday evening...our last Christmas together for several years.  Dad & Mom had driven around 12 hours on Friday to get back for family Christmas.

My oldest brother, Drew, and myself.  He left for Africa just a few days after this photo. 

 On Monday, 12/27, we headed to Michigan to have dinner together.  We were able to help them finish weighing their (11) suitcases before we had to head out at 5 AM the next morning.  Their flight left at 7:30 AM and we had just a couple hours of sleep.  Tears were shed by all and the memories we've made together over the last few months have been special. 
 The Last Supper :)
Red Lobster...their choice for their last American meal
 ...and they're off

They should be to Cameroon Africa by this evening...2 days of flying, 8 carry-on bags and 11 suitcases later.  I'm praying they have made it safely.  Thankfully they will have internet and a video phone that we can have contact with them through.


Kelli Brewer said...

I hope they have a great experience! That's great you'll still be able to video conference and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

I am PATIENTLY waiting to hear from Drew and family.
Mom Herring