Monday, October 18, 2010

House Progress: 16 October 2010

Last time I updated about the house we were still trying to finish the wood floors.  Thankfully, we've finally made it past that! 

To Do:
1) Nathan ordered our doors, so we need to paint doors and trim completed
2) Paint interior of house completed 
3) Finish sanding wood floors and stain (living room, dining room, hallway and 3 bedrooms) completed 
4) Lay tile (mud room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and my walk-in closet) completed, as of 10/18/10
5) Install kitchen cabinets, on the schedule for this week
6) Install trim and doors throughout house, on the schedule for this week
7) Purchase bathroom vanity (2) and install, on the schedule for this week

As you can see we've been busy painting lately.  Our parents came over and helped us a ton!  Nathan is hoping to finish up the tile yet today and then a friend of ours is coming tomorrow to start installing cabinets, doors and trim!  Yah! =) 

I tried to get pictures of the rooms so you could see our paint choices, but they just weren't coming out right.  None of the colors were nearly as dark as I thought they would be.  It's ok though... I'm just happy to be getting closer to move-in day!! =)
  • Kitchen, Hall, Guest Bed & Bath are Gray Beige from Porter (light tan)
  • Living Room, Dining Room and Guest Bed (2) are Sandstone from Porter (tan)
  • Master Bath and Mud Room are Silver Sword from Porter (light gray with blueish tint)
  • Master Bed is Silver Dollor from Porter (gray/brown)
tiling... in progress

 we covered windows and floors and sprayed the doors and trim



Mary said...

Sounds like great progress! Love your paint choice colors!

Stephanie Whalen said...

Oh my, seeing all that trim just makes me tired. One step closer!

Brittany said...

Now that's the way to do it! We've agonized over miles of trim with a brush - not fun! You've made super progress!