Wednesday, July 7, 2010

House Progress: 5 July 2010

Anyone getting sick of seeing every tiny change we are making on the house?  Sorry, but this is like my journal and I want to keep track of the process so I don't forget things.

See where that new board is?  Nathan and his Dad had to jack up the house and replace that and the one behind it.  They were rotted out and evidentally the previous homeowner thought it was cool that their floors were rotting through.  That or they just didn't have my handyman husband around to fix up the place =)

We've also got most of that pile of wood burned and out of our side yard. 

They were able to get the floor replaced and that hole framed in!  This area will now be our new master bathroom.

Nathan got the master bath door framed in and our master suite door framed in!  I'm so glad we decided to make this our corner of the house.  Many reasons, but one may or may not be because I have now have a walk-in closet... just sayin' =)

Bob Pickett has been keeping busy trying to get the electricity all hooked up and functioning properly!

We put Dad to work outside where there was a little more fresh air for him to breathe.  He has been working to tear off the old vinyl siding.  Looks like a power washer may be a wise purchase in our future =)


Mindy said...

I love seeing all the progress! Keep posting it! Lookin' good!

Peggy B. said...

Keep posting Leah! I am enjoying following the progress. We have done a remodeling before and we left part of our hearts there when we moved. It is hard work but so worth it.

Jenny said...

Oy! And, I thought we had a lot of work. (Well, if it was my own home, there would have been a lot more done!) ;)

Brittany said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I'm enjoying following along with the remodel of your house - but then, I'm a huge house nut :) I'm sure it will be stunning when you get finished with it! And you're very clever to document every step...I always get in too big a hurry and it's all done before I realize I didn't take any pics!

Peggy said...

Great blog! I found yours from following a comment you made at Tricia's Take! I added you to my blogroll! We have things in common - house remodel and fashion on a budget!!