Monday, May 24, 2010


I receive a daily devotional emailed to me and have really been enjoying the scripture, prayer, and specific thoughts they have been addressing.  It is called 'Encouragement for Women' and you can pick from several categories to receive your email on.

This prayer was at the end of one of the devotionals recently.  I don't always like praying someone else's thoughts, but there are days or cetain times when I feel like I don't even know how to pray!  I've printed these prayers out and have them on my desk at work... for times just as this when I need to cry out to God.  Sometimes it is just breathing and pondering the words, other times I am in full-fledge catastrophe mode and need the words to remind me that God is in control.

'Dear Lord,
I confress that my life is pulled in too many directions.  When I am anxious about doing things, I have trouble hearing Your Word.  Help me to treasure the one thing that I need and trust You to put the rest in order.
In Jesus' Name,

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