Sunday, February 21, 2010


Going on 9 years of marriage.  I'm amazed at how things get better every year!  Life has been hard for me to understand lately... many things that we need to make decisions about and deal with.  I realize this is part of growing up and simply being an adult, but I'm so thankful to be going through this with Nate!  He has been amazing, encouraging, stable, and supportive through all of the things that get me down!  I love that he is knowledgeable in the areas I am not and strong in the areas I am weak.  Just wanted to rant for a minute... he deserves it! :)

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Janella Thompson said...

Oh how sweet! We need our men don't we? So glad you and Nate are happy and in love. I knew back in Highschool when ya'll were dating you would make a great match. Knowing Nathan before I knew bring alot out in him and where I don't really know him now (just thru you) I am glad that he truly is your Prince Charming!