Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I Wore: February Review

Oh the joys of a changing body ;)
 I actually love fitting in maternity clothes because they are COMFY...lamo over here!  
I also love that so much of my wardrobe is versatile and can be worn during most of my pregnancy.
I'm amazed kind of scared about how quick this baby is popping out.
...and since my appetite was raging for several weeks, I've done the "work" to actually make the belly pop! lol
Some days I'm all about wanting to feel cute and other days, my new pjs from Gap Clearance Store (hello $1.99) are my best friend!  no shame! 
The most exciting thing is the fact that I have bare legs in some of these pictures.  Folks, my legs are the first thing to get cold on me and I CAN'T STAND being cold.  The fact that we've had a few spring-like days is enough to put a smile on a face and celebrate with a milkshake ;)

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