Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I'm Wearing | Wednesday 4-2-14

I just loved this outfit.  I did choose to wear my spring/summer dress on a day we got snow flurries, but whatever! :)  It IS officially Spring so it isn't like I can help what the weather decides to do!

This dress is several years old but I'm seeing eyelet pieces everywhere right now.  It is sleeveless but functions perfectly for me even in the summer because I still need a lightweight cardigan all of the time anyhow!  

For today, I tried to winterize this dress a bit ...the cardigan is dark and a heavier weight and of course the boots helped to keep my legs warm and the ensemble balanced.
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Peggy B. said...

I love eyelet.

Jessica said...

love this look! I think you winterized this dress perfectly. the sweet eyelet lace is nice with the rugged leather boots.