Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Lent Sacrifice

Definition:  Committing to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries as a form of penitence or discipline.

I have been thinking about my spending lately and how shopping becomes a habit instead of something I do based off of need.  Whether it is grocery, clothes, toiletries or household goods, finding a balance in what I spend and developing discipline in this area of my life is surely something I could do as a gesture to rid my life of so many materialistic desires.  

Spending isn't bad and having a hobby that involves clothes isn't bad, BUT this being a focus of one's life and reckless spending just to have something new is wrong (for me).  That's why I want to start making priority list for things I need or want instead of doing so much impulse shopping.  Saving for bigger items gives me great joy when I'm finally able to get them, but I've surely gotten away from having the discipline to do this!

I justify that I deserve things instead of thinking about more what I could be doing for others.  So I'm just working on my mentality and thought this time of year was the perfect time for some changes in my thought process.

For Lent, my sacrifice is going to be giving up frivolous shopping for Chase & I.  I have already found if I give up shopping for me, I end up buying Chase all kinds of stuff (he doesn't need) so I had to throw him into my "challenge" as well.  My hope is for this to be more of a lifestyle change than just a time of sacrifice for Lent.


Jessica said...

Nicely put. This is something I need to work on as well and have been thinking about too. It's so hard when you have a fashion blog though! But I will keep trying so thanks for the motivation and reminder.

Alex M. said...

I agree that it is essential to focus in on what we actually need, even if that means we have to change some habits. I know that as I simplify my own life, it helps me to really appreciate the things that I do have. It also helps me to realize what is really important to me. One of my friends, Stephanie, wrote an article about the big changes that she saw in her life as she started to draw the line between what she wants and what she needs. I think that you may be able to relate to her experience. You can find it here http://goo.gl/LJdpzY Thanks again and best of luck on your challenge!