Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chase Is 9 Months Old

You are 29.5 in (90%), 20.5 pds (50%) and your head is 80%
  •  At the beginning of the month you really started saying "Dadadada".  I would try to get you to say Mamma and you would just look at me and smile as you said "Dadadada" again!  :)
  • you say "boo!" and "dog" as of this month as well
  • you chatter a lot!
  • You are so ornery and such a performer already!
  • you still love to take everything in - when we are at the store or at a restaurant, you are normally pretty calm and just watch everything and everyone around us!
  • you eat anything we put in front of you.  You enjoy feeding yourself so we have started giving you more and more table food.  For the most part, you are still intense as you are eating - making sure we have the next bite coming quickly!
  • you have started fighting sleep a little bit again.  I have to hold you firm to get you realize we aren't getting up and playing, but then you take your bottle and go right to sleep.  you want held as you sleep though, so we are working with you to get you to go down in your crib without crying.
  • you have been taking 2 naps during the day and then going to bed for the night usually around 8:00/8:30.  you have been sleeping through the night pretty routinely now.
  • you are such a Daddy's boy.  You always want to see where he is and what he is doing!
  • you love Hunter and want to watch him (from a distance).  we've noticed you are even like this with stuffed animals!  we are trying to ease you into it so we don't scare you further.
  • we switched you to your big boy (stage 2) car seat this past month.  you like it ok, but I think you will really like it when you can face forward.
  • you are growing out of some of your 9-12 months clothes already!  you are kind of between sizes as different brands fit you differently.
  • you are pulling up on everything and love for us to walk you around the house
  • you mimic different things we say or sounds we make
  • you love your soft blankets and normally cover your face with them when you are trying to go to sleep
  • you are getting a little bit of stranger anxiety.  you do well as long as they don't try to hold you.
  • you still like for us to be right in the same room with you as you play.  you do play by yourself a lot better though and I'm able to get a few things done while you are entertaining yourself. 


Jessica said...

He'a such a cutie! And he's getting so big!

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