Monday, December 2, 2013

Hard at Work

(old picture) When we bought this house it had a wood burner in the corner of the living room.  It wasn't supported and took up so much space, it was one of the first things we wanted to tear out of there!

(old picture) We have always loved the idea of having a fireplace - especially living out in the country like we do.  Once we got through most of the projects with this house we took a significant time away from house projects and have just enjoyed living.

Well, Nathan recently got the desire to take on another project and began researching and drawing up what he wanted to build for our living room fireplace.  Each step of this project he has taken his time to research and make sure it was the best solution for us.  He wanted something that could potentially heat our whole house in case we lost electricity.  He took time to hang our TV, hide the wires, move electrical outlets and more.
 He contacted someone in our area to get virgin wood from an old barn being disassembled.  He was able to use that for the mantle. 

 I can't seem to get a picture that not only does it justice but also shows how big of a project this has been.  

This is quickly becoming the favorite room in our house.  I love a warm fire on a cold winter night!

Now it's time to decorate!  We finally have a mantle to hang Christmas stockings :)  I'm happy to have enough space on both sides of TV to add a little of "my touch" to the room.

Now he would want me to share his side to this story...he says I don't like it!  The truth is, I think the mantle is too big.  The whole piece is a little more rustic than the look I was going for, but you know what, it's all growing on me.  He did an amazing job on the project and even though he keeps teasing me about it, I AM VERY HAPPY with it.  I'm also very thankful to have something that will help us cut down on heating bills this winter :)  Thank you for your hard work, Nathan!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Wow, your hubs did all that himself? Major props to him, and have a snuggly warm winter!

Jessica said...

Wow, great job! I like the rustic touch the wood brings to the space. I can't believe he did all that himself, what an improvement though. And love your tree too!