Friday, November 15, 2013

Favorite Things Party

Every month, a small group of ladies from my church get together at one of our houses and have a time of food & fellowship.  This month, I hosted and decided I wanted to turn it into a FAVORITE THINGS PARTY.  I had found a blog post from where someone else did this and she provided printables that made things really easy on me!

There was just 7 of us in attendance so it was inexpensive to buy something little for each other.  We each brought a favorite food and then item to share with each one of the other ladies in attendance.  I had my buffet set up with gift bags for each one and a cute little sign that said "a few of my favorite things".
The food was yummy!  And wouldn't you know it, there was a lot of sweets :)  We had a nice variety of gifts and had fun going through our bags together!  At the end of the evening, my bag had in it: a Christmas ornament, candle, several varieties of chocolate, note cards, recipe cards, cuties oranges and purse size kleenex packages.  

It was neat because it was something that worked for women of any age.  They all had fun with it ...makes me think I'll try it again sometime! :)


Jennifer Grissom said...

Think I need to check this out. Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

It was fun! Enjoyed it and your ideas.