Friday, September 13, 2013

Chase Alan Is 3 Months

I am about 2 weeks behind in posting this! 

3 months old
This past month has been a blur.  This was our first month with me back to work full time and boy, do I feel like our life is chaotic!

You still sleep on your belly.  You have been consistently sleeping from about 10 PM - 6 AM.  I sure can't complain about that.  At your last doctor's appt, the doc wanted me to try to get you to sleep on your belly since you weren't rolling over yet.  I thought, why would I ever disturb this great thing we have going?! :)  

You still take 3 good naps most days.  You started eating cereal this past month.  You do better eating with a spoon so we've let you be a big boy and transition to that!  You recognize your bottles and are definitely no nonsense when it comes time to eat.  You usually eat 4 ounces approx. every 2 hours during the day still.  You don't like when we stop half way to burp you and will just scream sometimes.  You have quite the little attitude already!

You are still get startled easily and seem to enjoy just being home.  Thankfully you aren't quite as fussy when you get out of your routine though.  You also aren't fighting sleep quite as bad now and Momma is very thankful for this!  Evenings are still your fussy time and you usually just want me to hold or nurse you.

At your last doctor's appoint (on 8/9) you weighed 12 pounds & 4 ounces (55%).  You had gained almost 3 pounds in just 5 weeks!  Slow down, boy!!  You were 23.5 inches tall (75%).  You also had to get 2 shots at this appt.  You did pretty good with them but had a fussy afternoon and just wanted held.  This was the first time we gave you any Tylenol and it did seem to help your discomfort.

You have really starting "talking" this past month.  We love to hear your voice and see all of the expressions and ways you hold your mouth when you are communicating with us.  You have found your fist and chew on it a lot already!  I don't know that you are teething, but the drooling and chewing sure has started.

We took you to the county fair and to our state fair this month.  At the county fair you just wanted out of the stroller so you could see everything.  Everyone always comments on your big eyes and how you are taking everything in!  You slept while we were at the state fair so you didn't get to enjoy it much with Daddy & Mommy.

You are almost completely grown out of your 0-3 months clothes.  You are wearing size 2 diapers.

You do not like your car seat.  I usually sit back there with you when Daddy is driving and that gives you some comfort, but when we are by ourselves, you end up crying the whole time or at least until you fall asleep.  If I talk to you, it upsets you even more, so normally I am just sitting in the front seat driving along like I don't hear my baby screaming behind me :)

You were able to spend quite a bit of time this past month with your Great Grandpa Ricker.  He's 80 years old now and lives in Florida, but was up here visiting and sure enjoyed his time with you.  He would feed you a bottle and then rub your head and you would fall right to sleep!

You are enoying your floor activity mat now.  Usually only for no more than 10 or so minutes at a time, but that still gives me some free time to get a few things done.

We sure are enjoying you little guy!

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