Monday, May 6, 2013

Hunter tangled with the 4-wheeler!!

Nathan has been wanting to get a 4-wheeler for a long time now.  He's been saving and searching stores and Craigslist high and low for a deal on one.  Believe it or not, this prissy girl even LOVES to ride them so I was all excited when he found the perfect one!
 When he brought it home, Hunter immediately started barking at it.  He rarely barks, but for whatever reason he did NOT like the 4-wheeler!  When I got on it, he chased me around the yard but did real good about staying within his boundaries (invisible fence).
Last week I was at work one day and Nathan calls to tell me he just ran over Hunter with the 4-wheeler!  I got so scared that he was hurt bad!  Nathan told me Hunter was acting fine, maybe just a little bit sore, but we decided he should make a trip to the vet anyhow.  Hunter jumped right up in the truck to go to the vet and just laid on Nathan's lap during the short drive.  

I guess Nathan had been riding outside of Hunter's boundary and Hunter crossed the wire and jumped right in front of him...there was no way to swerve and miss him!  He felt awful as he had literally hit and ran completely over him!

The vet checked him over thoroughly and told Nathan he didn't think there was any point to even x-ray him.  Hunter was acting fine and was so well mannered while they were in the office.  They gave us some pain pills for him to take just in case he was sore.

Poor puppy just laid around the rest of the night and wanted Nathan to love on him.  I think he could tell we were worried!  By the next morning, he was running full force through the yard and chasing birds!  He doesn't act a bit affected by his collision with the 4-wheeler.  He even still runs alongside it when he & Nathan go back to the pond.  For our first vet emergency, at least everything seemed to end well...our puppy is ok!

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