Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Size of baby: just over 6 inches long (from crown to rump)
8 . 5 ounces - the size of a large heirloom tomato

Weight Gained:  8 pounds

Sleep: I'm crashing at night.  I'm back to feeling kind of worn out a lot of the time!  I sleep well though, so no complaints.

Cravings: I'm pretty hungry a lot of the time again.  I can't eat a lot at once and I fill up quickly at this stage.

Symptoms: I'm still having some headaches...several a week.  Doc said it is normal so I'm trying to manage them without taking too much medicine.

Still no sickness!  I feel SO THANKFUL for this!  I have had a healthy, easy pregnancy so far.

It doesn't take much for me to get sore and stiff.  Housework or just being on my feet for long periods seem to wear me out! 

Movement:  We had an ultrasound this past week and the baby was moving all around...so active!  I've also just started to feel occasional movement.  At least 1x day at this point...I love it!

Maternity Clothes:  I have a few dresses and skirts that I've started wearing.  Other than that, not necessary yet.

Best moment this week:  At our appointment last week, we heard the heartbeat again and the tech went through checking out the baby extensively.  Everything looked great and the baby was measuring right on target for our May 30th due date.  
We also found out that we are having a BOY!  
We are so excited and happy that we can begin planning a little bit more for his arrival!  I went shopping that very afternoon...just had to get my hands on a few little outfits :)

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Jenni said...

YAY! Boys are so much fun!!! =) Congrats to you!