Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's Talk Politics

Ok...let's not, but I will show you some pictures from my weekend anyhow :)
We went to Cincinnati for the weekend and our friend got tickets for us to go to the Romney/Ryan rally at Union Terminal.  I've not been to anything like this before.  Whatever your political opinion, witnessing a rally where people are excited for the future and together for such a big cause was truly a neat experience!
We waited in line for quite awhile, only to get ushered into an overflow room once we got in Union Terminal.  We were watching the opening speakers on a big screen, along with 2000+ other people.  Although the energy was exciting, we were a little bummed about arriving too late to be able to get in the main hall.   
It was then that Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senator Rob Portman and Presidential hopeful Mitt & Ann Romney walked out on to the little stage in the crowded overflow room.  It was only logical that they make an appearance in our room, but I didn't even see the stage or think about them speaking directly to us for a few minutes.  After they spoke, the room started clearing out.  We decided to stick around and enjoy the rest of the rally.  The guys realized Mitt was still in the room shaking hands, so they quickly got to the front of the crowd and were able to shake his hand!  Kinda cool if I do say so myself!   
 I'm so glad we were able to go and be a part of something like that...even in such a little way.  
Thanks Mark & Kristin for the idea!

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Kristina Clemens said...

So cool! I was so jealous that Brooke got to see ya at John G.'s party!
Love the new look round here, too! Pretty!
Kristina J.