Friday, July 20, 2012

Today's Look: Friday, 7/20/12

With that said...I had a genius idea last night!  I wanted to wear a white jean skirt today but did not have one.  I had a denim pencil skirt that I thrifted awhile back and wondered how it would turn out if I just bleached it?!  What could it hurt, it was just another denim skirt?
 Well, after about an hour of soaking and scrubbing it just a bit, we have what I'm wearing today!  And I'm pretty proud of it.  It isn't bright white, but has a bit of a vintage or edgy look...which I'm liking.  My husband was skeptical that I would be happy with the outcome, but look at me, Nathan, I'm wearing it today!! :)
I'm loving that a project or thrifted piece can be so much fun!
Outfit Details:
Handbag, Alloy / Watch, / Shoes, Old Navy
Tee, Old Navy / Skirt, Guess via Thrift


Stephanie Whalen said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!!....That will teach Nathan to be so skeptical!!!!! just don't know what all we can do!!!

shelley hatfield