Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Why bother, huh?!  Well, I always feel like I'm starting off the new year in a good place if I have a fresh outlook and some goals (whether vocalized or not).  I try not to create goals or new year resolutions for myself that are unattainable.  Really, will I become a millionaire this year?  Not likely.  BUT will I strive to be more punctual this year?  Now that is something I can easily work toward.  I say easily and if it was that easy I would already make it ON TIME to appointments.  Let's just get it out here, I AM LATE TO EVERYTHING!  Don't tell Nathan, but it is even starting to get on MY nerves.

I would find a way to be late even if I gave myself an extra hour to get ready.  I'm just always finding something to do - primping, piddling or just enjoying my sleep too much to get up and get around.  I'm already making great strides (yes, I realize it is only Jan 3rd!) and we made it to church ON TIME for BOTH services Sunday!  Whew...that said, now we'll see if I can keep this up!

Now this is like admitting I am still a child, but you'll see a connection here...
I am horrible at folding or hanging up my clothes AND putting them away.  It has been practically impossible for me to keep up with this chore.  The connection you see is the fact that I have not been very disciplined.  That's changing!  Yeah, yeah, we all say that at the beginning of a new year.  I'm going to try to be accountable on my blog.  I know I could lie to you about it, but that's really not my practice :)

My other "goals" will take thought and effort, but I would really like to be a better friend and compassionate to those around me.  I have felt really wrapped up in my own life over the last year and not as sensitive to others as I would like to be.  I think that is an easy place to end up - it's not like we are all sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do, right?!  And no, I'm not suggesting that if you don't work outside the home that is your life.  Trust me...I realize working within your home and raising children is more WORK than my full-time job!  The point I'm making is you can touch someone else's life easily by putting effort into reaching outside your four walls.  Say "thank you" often, smile, provide a listening ear, pray for someone you know is going through a battle...and let them know you are, send a card/email or even take an hour or two to help a friend around their house.  Try it - you'll see the difference it makes in your own life.  Changing my perspective on my own situation changes the attitude I have towards other people as well.  It's simple, yet amazing.

That's all I've got...remember, I said I'm a realist.  I think those are some big areas to improve myself and I'm going to work REAL HARD on it.

Happy New Year!  Any goals or resolutions you want to share?


Janie said...

Great resolutions and I love your transparency! Your blog is fabulous and I can't wait till your Christmas presents come so we can all see how they look :) Happy New Year!

Jenni said...

Love your goals...totally attainable! I hear you about always being late...that's totally me. That's one of my goals too...To be on time !!! Happy New Year to you!

Stephanie said...

I like your list. :-) With all of our traveling and sickness, etc. in December, I really didn't have time to think too much about the coming year. Planning to get to that this week, though.
Love the watch!

Janella Thompson said...

I too have not given much thought yet on what I want to change or do better this year other than be a better wife and mother and grow closer in my walk with God, but I like to have specific goals as well as those general goals we all make every year. Love your thoughts!!!!!