Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's Look: Tuesday, 11/8/11

Outfit Details:
Skirt > Down East Basics
Navy Sweater & Brown Flats > Target
Chambray Shirt > Walmart
Last night I go to leave work around 5:30 (almost dark) and realize I don't have my work keys to lock up the office.  Of course I was staying later than anyone else that evening so I was trying to figure out a solution on my own.  Nathan called in the middle of all of this to see when I was coming home because he doesn't like me to be down here by myself after dark.  Well, I couldn't even remember where my keys were in order for him to bring them to me.  He mentioned I could call our landlord or building security and maybe they would be able to help.  I call (at 5:30) and the operator tells me she will submit the request for someone to come over and lock up.  Of course I'm thinking this means someone is on their way.  

By 6:10 my patience was getting low!  I know this is my fault and all, but if I have to spend the night in my office they could have at least told me! :)  So I called back and had to leave a voicemail, requesting he give me an estimated time of when he would be there to lock the door.  No response.  By 6:30 I started wondering through our building trying to find the cleaning people to see if they had a master key or something.  THANKFULLY THEY DID!  She said she would take care of it.  After I insisted that I could not leave until I saw her lock the door, she went upstairs and locked everything up.  You can bet that the first thing I did when I got home was find my keys and immediately put them in my purse.  I will not be this forgetful ANYTIME soon!

When I plan things out, I don't like when my plans don't happen as I anticipate.  However, I realize in the scheme of things this wasn't really that big of a deal.  My busy life lately is catching up with me.  I'm definitely trying to focus and accomplish some things over the next few weeks.  I need my organization back! :)


Jessica said...

Love that skirt the pattern and colors are so cute! And sorry about your keys drama, glad it worked out in the end.

triciathomas said...

That skirt pattern is soooo cute!! I have so many stories like that honestly I always forget things!

Kimberly said...

Great outfit and sorry about the keys! Maybe it would be a good idea to have an extra key that you could keep in a secure spot in your office for whoever is the last one in the office just in case this is to happen to you (or another co-worker) sometime.

EverydayMomStyle said...

I just found you from WWIW, and you have really cute style! I love this printed skirt- the pattern is adorable, and I like what you've paired it with!