Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm so excited this year because I get to have company!  Normally around each holiday when my brothers come into town they stay with my parents.  This year, my oldest brother and his family are staying at my house!  Nathan & I have been trying to pull things together to make the house presentable.

Guest Room BEFORE:

Guest Room AFTER:
I changed out the bedding and moved things around in the room.  I just have to have some change every once in awhile and this room seemed so blah to me!  I love it now.  I also have hydrangeas on the bookshelf ...all compliments of the wedding I helped with over the weekend.  I may hang curtains in here yet...still debating that, but once I get the picture hung over the bed, we'll be all set in here.
I told you last week that Nathan was working on the siding.  Bless his heart, it has been so windy and he has just kept plugging away on this project.  We have half of the house done now.  He's just been working on it a little at a time!
 Now that we are getting the siding up, we are realizing how badly we need shutters.  Come Spring, hopefully we can get the post up on the porch and continue sprucing up the outside! :)


Jessica said...

Your guest room looks so cute and inviting! Hope you have a great holiday with family. And the outside of your house is really coming along.

Nicole said...

Love the sprucing up! have a great thanksgiving. Hosting is so much fun!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Your guest room looks great and so welcoming! I would love to stay there. :) Thanks for sharing your blog link with me.