Saturday, August 20, 2011

A quick review of my week...

We finally have corn!  Monday evening Nathan picked this wheelbarrel heaping load.  We spent the rest of evening husking, blanching and bagging corn and only made it through half by 11:30 PM.  After giving some away and working on it yet another evening, we ended up with 25 quart bags of corn for the freezer.  I was pretty proud of Nathan's garden and the yummy corn for our freezer!  He said we'll get more yet...if that's the case, I'm just glad it didn't all come on at once!  Whew!

Nathan has been wanting and saving for a grill since Spring.  The money always seemed to go towards something else, so when he finally saw it again (and on sale!) I encouraged him to snatch it up!  He was so excited to bring his grill home and put it together.  So of course, I made him pose with said grill, which of course, made him feel silly! I'm guessing that is only because he knew the picture would appear on the blog!! He was right...just never tell him I actually admitted such a thing :) 

All of that to say we have been enjoying some yummy grilled food this week.  AND I'm super appreciative of the help when it comes to dinner preparation!!


Kimberly said...

Jealous of all that yummy corn (and the freezer space to store it all!). Also, awesome new grill.

Jessica said...

I love fresh corn on the cob! Nice grill, I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of it!!

triciathomas said...

I really love corn on the cob! Last summer we bagged and froze a ton of it. We have been enjoying it all year! So glad you finally got the BBQ!

Anonymous said...

Who is the goofy guy with the grill? You are so BEAUTIFUL!

Secret Admirer.............. :)

Ok,ok your Husband, love ya.