Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Update: 25 July 2011

Nathan is working on a BIG project at the house this week. We have to insulate our duct work in the crawl space and fix the concrete step and sidewalks in front of our house. You see, we have several projects that need completed before we can hang the siding. 

My sincere hope is to not go into another winter with the outside of our house looking like this:
I currently have no step at the front door.  My brother, Seth, and Nathan worked to bust up all of the concrete and then we haven't really had a way to haul it away.  This part of our project is kind of "pay as you go"...kind of makes things happen on a timeline different than what I had previously imagined.  HOWEVER, I'm just thankful we are still making progress and love our little home.

Yesterday Nathan was able to haul away the piles of concrete.  Now we can make plans to pour the new sidewalks and front step.  


Stephanie said...

Sometimes progress seems so slow! It's looking good, though, and you'll get there. You can't imagine the satisfaction you'll realize when it's finished!

becoming teacher misty said...

House projects seem to be constant, don't they? Just like road construction these days. :). Just think how awesome it's going to be when you're done!

Cindy said...

Good for you, your house is so pretty and it will be gorgeous when you are done.
Hugs, Cindy