Tuesday, December 14, 2010

House Progress: 13 December 2010

I was snowed in yesterday so it made for a good time to get a little bit more done around the house.  Having a slow weekend was just what I needed.  

Here is the guest room/bed.  This room is going to function as our guest room / office, so it is more functional than beautiful.  To the right of the bed is our computer desk and then across from the bed is a bookshelf & secretary desk.  It's a little too cluttered for me, but I'm trying to make it work.  This room is painted tan and the bedding is brown with tan accents. 

I'm not sure what I was thinking with a white comforter on our bed, but I got a great deal on it and I do love the style.  Our walls in the Master Bedroom are a grayish/brown color.  I don't know where I was going with the white, tan, gray & blue in our room.  It sounded pretty when I had ideas, but my creativity is at an all-time low now that I am trying to put things together in our home.

As you can see, the blue, gray and tan theme must have been all I was thinking of as I've carried this over into our kitchen as well.  The colors all seem calming to me... that's it!  After all of the chaos in working on this house, I just want to relax now that we are in there! =)

And while we are on the subject of decorating... here is my new office!  It needs help!  The back wall is all windows, so I have 3 walls that need decorating.  I have a plain chair to the left of this picture.  I have a small plan/tree I could bring in from home to put beside the chair or in front of my desk.  The walls are a light gray and need some serious color/art.  This space is definitely a work in progress!!!  But... I'm still so happy I have my own space =)


triciathomas said...

So glad your brother is ok!! I love your house it looks like something out of a magazine!!!

Jessica said...

Glad to hear all is well with your brother. And your home is so pretty! I love the white comforter, it looks really good next to the dark wood bed frame.

amy kelinda said...

Your home is beautiful! And I love the white comforter -- it gives the room a sense of lightness and helps to break up the darker shades of brown and gray!

Elaine said...

I LOVE white sheets and blankets! I think it makes a bed look like a big cloud :D