Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Useless Thoughts

I have not taken outfit photos for the last few days. 
#1 Because my camera is in my car. I know, forbid I actually get it out.
#2 My outfits have been lame.  Really.
#3 I've just been busy.

Nathan is going to be busy/out-of-town this weekend so I am going to try to catch up on a few things.  He did give me a list of things I can work on with the house, but really, that's not where my time will be concentrated.  Sorry bout ya!

#1 I have 500 million returns to make to Menards and Home Depot.  When you live far away from civilization stores you make sure you buy more than you might need... just in case.  Well, the returns are stacking up in my car and in the garage!  The service desk is going to cringe when they see me come in with all of this misc. stuff!

#2 I want to get some errands done this weekend.  Like buying toilet paper kind of errands.  I know, I know... that's exaggerating a little, but really, I only stop at the fun stores (yeah, the one time I'll call Walmart fun) when it is an actual necessity.  And in our house, toilet paper is a necessity.  I don't know about the rest of you!  I have a few fun errands I would like to do as well... like look for a casual coat.  Oh, and I would really like to go to Goodwill and just browse! =)

#3 I thought it would be fun to rent a movie and maybe catch up on a little sleep

#4 Oh, I want to clean out my car and get it washed.  It's embarrassing how dirty it is right now! ... parks away from the shiny cars at work!

#5 Balance my checkbook!  Oh the horrors =)  I mean, what happened to the time I use to write things down daily.  Ha... if only.

#6 Oh yeah, and I want to paint our register vents.  I had to buy the cheap ones 'cause Nathan wouldn't allow me to spend extra money on the pretty ones.  I'm going to spray paint them.  Don't laugh... I saw another blogger do it and figured, why not! =)

#7 I should probably work on laundry again too... ya know, so I can actually create some outfits during the next few days.

#8 Catch up on work

#9 Attend revival services

#10 Clean out fridge.  I'm kind of scared why it is so full when I haven't been cooking... eeks... what is in there?!

So there... that's what I'm up to if you don't hear much from me.  Sounds like I'll have a busy few days without him, huh?!  Secretly that's the way I like it 'cause then I won't be moping around missing him so much. 

Ugh... now going to get started on my To Do list!


Peggy B. said...

I painted our register vents and they turned out just fine.

Jessica said...

Wow! Busy, busy girl! Good luck with everything and find a little time to relax too! ;)

Peggy said...

Man girl you are busy! You will need a break after getting all that done! Thanks for your comments on my blog today - I'm happy to have others thoughts on these things!