Thursday, September 30, 2010

Outfit Post: 30 September 2010

2nd try

I copied the idea of this outfit.  Her version was much better than what I came up with the first time I wore this shirt.  I decided to try this again on Sunday.  My Mom got a big kick out of this shirt.  She assured me she use to have a similiar one and she's pretty sure I made fun of her for wearing it =)

Outfit Details:
Shoes, Kohls
Gray Skirt, New York & Co via Gabriels
Brown Belt, Kohls
Blouse, Tucker for Target


triciathomas said...

I think you did a great job copying!!! I love that blouse!

Jenni said...

Love this combination...pairing the skirt with the top makes the top look super sophisticated and "to-date"...not "back in the day!" =)

Jessica said...

I really like this blouse, it's retro in a cute way!

Rowana said...

That's funny. Leland has told me from time to time, "You know, a few years back you wouldn't have been caught dead in that!" Funny how fashion goes around in a circle.