Friday, August 6, 2010

House Progress: 2 August 2010

Finally... I know, I know =) You've been waiting on another update with this house project!  Trust me, I'm just an eager to see progress as you are!

This is what has been the "thorn in our flesh".  See the new board along the bottom of the house?  That is what we had to replace all the way around the house.  Nathan was never so happy to get that project completed!

Oh... and our kitchen cabinets have arrived =)  We aren't ready for them yet but at least they are here!

Phil & Nathan got my back door installed.  Every door we go to replace has been a project in itself... this was no exception.  Nothing in this house is level, it seems!

After we tore off the vinyl siding we found another layer of wood siding.  We were initially just going to side over it, but with having to cut out doors and fill in a couple windows, Nathan felt it was just best to remove it all and the give the house a good plastic wrap in effort to seal things a little more.

Here, Nathan & Matt have removed windows and are measuring for the new windows.  Of course we couldn't get them the same size so they are having to frame in the existing opening.

My job was picking up all of the wood scraps from where they ripped off the wood siding!  It's thrilling, let me tell you!  Why couldn't I do something like demolition?? =)

Finally getting to the house wrap.  I think here Matt was mumbling something about not wanting to be in pictures or appear on my blog...oops! =)  I'm simply documenting our helpers!

We have to get a couple of things done in preparation for the plumber this weekend, so small jobs will consume the rest of our week.  For me, one of those involves picking out paint colors!  I am so excited, but honestly a little nervous.  We've never painted much anywhere we've lived so having to choose actual colors for our whole house feel overwhelming!  I'm going fairly neutral, but still...


Sharra said...

Wow, looks like you are getting alot accomplished. What a thrill it will be when its completed.

Ronda said...

Excited for you all! Looks like you are getting alot done! :)

Anonymous said...

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