Thursday, July 22, 2010

House Progress: 12 July 2010

Well, the electricity is pretty much finished.  There is a little bit to do yet when we are finished with the drywall, etc.

Nathan got the window in the mudroom cut out and the door space cut out... only to find that we now have to replace the ban (?) boards all the way around the house.  Yeah, that was the work that took us so long previously where we had to jack up the house!  Problem is, more $ for supplies and then of course the issue that it isn't something he can actually do by himself.

He was a little down about it all Friday evening.  Like the trooper he is, he got more supplies Saturday morning and started in early doing what he could.  I was over there cleaning up the yard for awhile and then had to run some errands.  When I returned, we had some unexpected help and they were able to get the WHOLE back of the house completed by Saturday night!  Thank you to my father-in-law and Matt!

Phil helped Nathan pick up supplies Saturday morning and they were able to get a few things done inside as well.  One of the bedrooms needed a closet door framed in and then had a few mold spots in the drywall that needed cut out. 

When Matt & Evan came over Saturday evening, Evan kept busy catching these tiny toads that were everywhere around the house.  He took home 28 toads in a shoe box =)

The stage we are at right now is slow and boring to me.  I know it is completely necessary and I'm so thankful we are catching these problems now instead of after we get in the house, BUT that doesn't stop me from wanting to move on to something like arranging furniture or painting walls =)  I'm not really into carrying wet lumber from the yard back to the trash pile anymore or cleaning up saw dust, drywall and insulation.  Nathan says the project is going well and we are progressing nicely, so I'll believe him!  =) 

I think we are replacing windows next...


Brenda said...

Wow - 28 toads! That's funny!

Jenny said...

Yeah, that's definitely not the fun part! It will be worth it. And, seriously, 28 toads!!

Peggy B. said...

28 toads....hmmmmmm.....maybe I'm glad I had all girls.

Mindy said...

We have those toads around here too. My kids aren't into catching them anymore, thankfully. I don't know that my son ever did. My daughter is a different story. I remember her eating worms to show off!!:P ANYWAY...the house looks like it's coming along nicely. Thanks for updating! I'm with you on this being the boring part. I remember....:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the up dates. Keep looking up, it is a slow thing to work on an old house but it is worth it and you will be happy one day it is all done. Love you. Grandma Herring