Monday, April 20, 2009

Nate's Birthday

I simply cannot believe I did not take one picture at Nathan's party Saturday evening! Nathan turns 30 years old on Tuesday, so I was doing my best to plan a surprise party for him. He has been planning to go out of town for turkey hunting and so I was trying to pay close attention to the dates he would be gone so we could get this party in sometime around his birthday! It worked! =)

I got the groceries for the party on Friday evening on my way home from work. I was able to quickly unload the car while he was in the shower. I had party stuff stashed everywhere and was hoping he wouldn't go through the fridge or cabinets. He was gone for a while on Saturday, so I was able to finish cleaning the house and get the food together for the party. He knew his brother & family were coming over, but of course not for a party. That was my way to make sure he would at least be home.

After Ben, Tanessa, Emma, and Kaylie arrived, we had Emma lock Nanee in the office so we could finish decorating before the other guests arrived. He thought Emma & I were just doing something silly for him. He was still in the dark that we were throwing him an actual party. Emma was so excited about it all =) We had the decorations up and food ready when the other guests started to arrive. Emma went in and told Nanee that there were some people here to see him... it was so fun (for all of us).

Thankfully we had beautiful weather on Saturday. The men and kiddos sat outside and visited while us ladies sat inside. It was a enjoyable evening for all.

On Sunday, Nathan's Mom got a cake for us to celebrate at her house. Emma said, "It's Nanee's birthday again???". Her birthday is in August with mine, so I promised her we would celebrate all month long =)

Nathan's work is on shut-down this week so I'm enjoying having him home a little bit more... especially for his birthday! He doesn't read my blog so I won't go on and on wishing him a Happy Birthday on here. He already knows I'm crazy about him!! Happy Birthday, baby!

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The Salisburys said...

Happy Birthday Nanee!:)