Sunday, November 23, 2008

The tree is up!

Well, Dad came through for me again. He came over yesterday and set up my tree! I'm loving having my Christmas decorations out. I don't have as much room at this house to sit things out so I don't have everything up, but I think it will do for this year. Thank you Dad!
Maybe this picture was taken right after I ask him if my "bow" looked ok :)

Don't blame him if things aren't even. I'm the one who moved my Willow Tree ornament to the front and messed things up.
Nathan's Brutus ornament (Ohio State mascot)
My Willow Tree ornament
Nathan thinks it is silly to have a sign in your Christmas tree, but I like it because it is different!
We cannot forget the Ohio State tree! I think putting it out helped us win the game yesterday. What am I talking about? Michigan just stinks this year :)

Happy Decorating!


Katie and the boys said...

I'm jealous!!! We are one step closer; we have the decorations sitting in the garage now; but not up.

I noticed taht we have the same olice/green couch. :>)

Grandma Vashti said...

Hi Leah! Nat had these pics up and I love your trees and decorations. I am not quite there yet but I love this time of year. Vashti

Anonymous said...

Leah, I like you tree and maybe i will be lucky enough to get your dad to put my tree up too. Where is all your snowmen that I got you each year? Love you Grandma Herring

Leah said...

I don't really have a place to set them out at this house. I still have a nativity to get out, so I'm working on that as well.

Anonymous said...

Your decorating is so pretty. Everything looks so festive.

The Salisburys said...

OK LEAH! I will have to tell Jimmy you said Michigan stinks....but I think he admits it this year!!

I love the feather tree...very cute. It all looks very nice!

Happy Thanksgiving!