Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures of our home

So, I'm starting a blog.  It doesn't have a focus yet, so prepare for a bit of randomness...

I thought I'd start off posting some pictures of our home. In effort to move to Ohio, this past February we sold the home we built when we got married. Two weeks before our move, Nathan had to have surgery for a torn ACL and miniscus. We had a lot of friends and family pitch-in and help! A friend is renting this home to us until things with jobs and all would work out for us to move to Ohio. We didn't want to force the move and things simply have not been favorable for us to uproot at this point.

In the mean time, Nathan & I both have found great jobs over on the side of town where we are renting. If our home had not sold, Nathan's new job would just not have worked out for us. We are both feeling an assurance that things we have been praying for are working out right here. The home we are able to rent is almost the exact size of the home we sold.

The home we are renting was already painted different colors in every room as well as some border designs in the living room and master bedroom. Some of these colors do not match our decor, but we have made do just fine until we find a home of our own again.

Dining Room
Dining Room looking into the Kitchen

I have SO MANY cabinets in this kitchen!

Living Room
Nathan got me this clock for our 1st Anniversary.
It use to hang over our fireplace.
Our bedroom
(I'm not sure why I didn't open the curtains before I took this picture!)
Guest Bathroom
(It is hard to get a decent picture since it is a small area)
Guest Bedroom


Anonymous said...

Leah, Thanks for showing us your home, it is a cute house, I love your kitchen it looks neat. LOVE YOU GRANDMA HERRING

The Salisburys said...

The house looks great Leah! I really like all your pretty decorations in your dining room and kitchen!

Brenda said...

Very nice! Enjoyed the tour of your home!

Jenny said...

I love the kitchen cabinets...I also have plates like your yellowish/creamish ones. :)

~njh~ said...

I too enjoyed the tour!!!!! Your house looks great. I think you have make some changes even since I have been there, and I like them! Your style is very clean and simple...very you and very chic!! I could not pull it off, but you do an awesome job!
So glad things have worked out and you are confident you are where God wants you. It's absolutely the best and safest place to be.
Lots of love to you both!

Jill M. said...

Thanks for the pics. I like to look at how other people decorate and I love your style. I love the shelves in your dining room--very cute. :-)